Must-have accessories for a watch enthusiast

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If you’re like us, your love for timepieces does not end with the watches themselves. There are tons of extras that can lead you down a deeper rabbit hole along with your watches. We’re going to review some of the most recommended accessories, and some fun nice to haves as well. 


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There are plenty of extremely talented artists who create some incredible watch based art. These range from fine drawings of the most technical watch movements to more abstract oil paintings of some of iconic brands and models. There is a lot of art out there to suit anyone's taste and can be easily found on instagram, etsy, and pinterest. Watch art is perfect for a collectors office or bedroom, it also makes a great gift for the timepiece enthusiast in your life!


If you get bored easily, or like to switch things up and make the most of your collection, having multiple watch straps is a relatively inexpensive way to expand the versatility of your watches. There are many different brands, materials, colors, and designs for enthusiasts to choose from that give your watch some uniqueness. Adding an aftermarket strap adds a little bit of your own personality to the watch, and can even be used to give a sporty watch a dressier look or vice-versa! Straps can be found in a huge assortment of materials like various types of leather, natural or synthetic fabrics, precious or standard metals, and much more.


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Someone that likes to swap straps often or likes to tinker with bracelet sizing is going to need a good set of tools. A quality toolset is a necessity- you’ll want to invest in a good spring bar tool, proper screwdrivers, and even a link removal tool. When it comes to watch tools, you really get what you pay for and when handling your precious timepieces, we really suggest you do your research before buying the least expensive watch tool set on Amazon.


Watch collectors should really consider getting some good quality books as a great way to learn more about your hobby. Of course, the high quality images are a draw on their own but they are also incredibly interesting to read, provide a ton of knowledge, and they look great on a coffee table too! There are a wide range of books that focus on specific brands, model ranges, or watches in general. 

Watch roll, case, stand

There are a ton of factors that will determine the right product for you. The answer might even be to own a watch roll, case, and stand simultaneously. While we cannot provide the answer, we urge you to consider the benefits of each. They all have their pro’s and con’s, but are heavily dependent on your lifestyle and your collection. A watch roll is almost necessary for anyone that like to travel with multiple watches, or is often taking on and off their watch. A watch case can come in many forms, accommodate various collection sizes, and come in a wide price range. A stand is a beautiful way to display a couple watches and you can admire your timepiece while not on your wrist.  

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