The perfect three watch collection

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So you’ve got a collection of watches you’ve spent time and money putting together, and while you’d love to keep them all, you’re trying to narrow down your collection to a perfect 3 watches. While we don’t know your style, your financial situation or your hobbies (apart from loving watches), we will try to help guide you in the right direction with a few things to think about.

The following are just a few different types of strategies to help you narrow down which watches you keep or save towards. Your goal should always be to have timepieces that fit a variety of settings you will be in. Do you spend most of your time in a 3-piece suit or a bathing suit? If you fall somewhere in between, make sure you have watches that can be worn comfortably in all settings. 

The next thing to think about is color. You should be able to coordinate your watch choices with your wardrobe or general style. If you tend to dress in neutrals like white, black and grey, then it might be wise to throw in some fun color into your watch collection, as long as it fits your personality. 

Another strategy could be deciding on your final 3 based on the watches complications or features. If you travel a lot for business, or work with people overseas, then having watches with a GMT function would provide a ton of value to your lifestyle. Of course if you spend a lot of time scuba diving, a diver or two may take some spots in your 3-watch collection. 

The last strategy we want to discuss is to choose your collection based on a theme. You can still obtain variety in a 3-piece watch collection by choosing them based on a certain theme. When choosing a theme, you can still include some strategies mentioned above, but can be related to a more specific thing that you love about watches, or that brought you into  the hobby. For example, some people chose to only own birth-year watches. A birth-year watch being a timepiece that was produced, or at least originally purchased in the year you were born. Other examples could be to collect only watches of a certain brand, country of origin, type of metal, certain complication, limited edition watches or a number of others. The point here would be to find something unique and that made you fall in love with watches. There are a limitless number of themes, and it's up to you to decide what speaks to you the most!

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