Your timepieces deserve a luxury leather watch roll - Here's why!

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vallae goods luxury leather emerald green duplo watch roll

More than just a travel case

Leather watch rolls can be used for more than just a travel case for your prized timepieces. Watch rolls made of high quality leather and soft suede are the answer to many peoples difficulties when they own multiple watches. The perfect watch roll should support different styles and tastes, while providing maximum protection and accessibility. 

Safety and convenience

rolex submariner 116613ln sitting in a vallae goods luxury leather emerald green duplo watch roll

Available in a variety of colors, the exterior leather on your watch roll can be an extension of your personal style or chosen based on your collection. The interior is a plush suede in a classic tan color that matches all watches, and the cushions keep your pieces from sliding around and bumping into each other. The interior pillows can also be easily removed and do not require you to pull out and fidget with the other watches to access a specific watch quickly. At the same time, the roll has a sturdy exterior that can withstand some of the wear and tear that comes with traveling with multiple watches. 

Space-saver and storage

vallae luxury leather emerald green duplo watch roll with ultra-soft suede interior

Watch rolls serve more purposes than just being used as a travel case. If you don’t travel often, or even like bringing multiple watches with you, the watch roll can be used as an excellent storage solution for your home. If you have a number of timepieces, you know how much space the large boxes can take on your dresser. Store those branded boxes away in your closet, and use a single watch roll to hold your amazing collection safely, at arm’s reach.

You’ve invested time, energy and money to grow your perfect collection, and the best way to keep these luxury timepieces safe is with a watch roll handcrafted by skilled leatherworkers using the finest genuine leather and the softest of suedes.

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