Why you should treat yourself to that luxury watch

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So you’ve spent the last couple weeks, months, or even years eyeing a particular timepiece. This might just be the push you’ve been waiting for so we apologize in advance to your bank account or significant other. We understand all too well the feeling of trying to justify another watch, or spending a large amount on your first luxury piece, but we can confidently say that you will not regret your decision. So while you know that you deserve it, people around you might not, so here are some of the reasons you can share that might get them to agree with you:

It will be passed down to loved ones

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Unlike many things, a carefully maintained and loved luxury mechanical timepiece can last indefinitely. Since automatic watches power themselves through technology that is centuries old, you do not have to worry that it will one day become obsolete. So while you get to enjoy your new watch, eventually it can be passed down to your child or loved one for them to cherish for decades more.

Practical and even more beautiful

Yes, we all carry cellphones in our pockets which can tell time and do a million other things too, but all of those items require a power source (battery, plug & outlet etc.). So what happens if your phone runs out of battery, or there’s a power outage? Well you will be pretty grateful you did not listen to that friend that said you spend too much money on luxury watches. As we alluded to before, a mechanical watch can be powered by a quick winding, or in the case of an automatic all it requires is the movement of your wrist while you wear it. 

You earned it

You work hard and want to have something to show for it. Some people enjoy vacations, pricey dinners, or have other expensive hobbies, but you have chosen luxury timepieces. If you want to, you can mark more significant life events or milestones with your purchase. This means you’re always reminded of the sacrifices and achievements you made in order to have the opportunity to make such a purchase.

You bought pre-owned

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Now if you're worried that these reasons aren’t enough to convince yourself, a significant other, or loved one of your next purchase, you can always look to the pre-owned watch market. Shopping pre-loved pieces is a great way to save some money. Everyone feels good getting a deal and nobody can deny that paying less than retail or market price isn’t a great feeling. So we suggest taking advantage of the used market to find something you love for a fraction of the price, this way you won’t feel as bad spending all that money!

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