What to look for in a watch winder

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What to look for in a watch winder

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So your timepiece collection consists of multiple watches that you enjoy displaying, you find constantly winding and setting the time on them to be tedious and bothersome. You also don't plan to use your leather watch roll for some time and don’t want to keep them hidden away in a safe, so you’re thinking about investing in a watch winder. Choosing the right watch winder is a personal choice that depends on your collection and personal taste. The collection of watches you have will be the driver for the features, build quality, type of timepieces, while your taste will determine the aesthetics and should come last on the list of requirements for your purchase.


Most people will suggest avoiding any watch winder that does not have an option for programmable turns per day (TPD). A range from about 650 to about 1800 is suitable for the majority of automatic watches in the market. The winder should also have the ability to rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectionally so that the natural movements of your wrist are replicated while in the winder. 

Brand and build quality

It's important to also look for a watch winder with a reputable build quality. Cheaply built winders can risk malfunction and cause damage to the watch’s movement. Some lower end winders do not even have shielding from the motor and can, over time, magnetize your watch.


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Vertical, not horizontal

When browsing winders, it should be noted that you will want to look for a winder that is vertical (or mostly vertical), making the most of gravity in each position.

Cushion size

Over years of use, winders with cushions that are too stiff or large can cause stretch in the bracelet or leather strap. Ideally, you will want to find something that is snug enough to keep your watch securely in place but not provide added stress on the band. Some winders have created spring loaded holders which can adjust to the right size, for the perfect fit every time.

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If people have one major complaint about their watch winder it is likely that they can be noisy. Modern watch winders of almost any price range know this and work hard to reduce the sound of the motor. Make sure to do your due diligence and read the reviews regarding this!


Lastly, and as mentioned, probably least important are the looks. Obviously, you should like the look and it should look just as good as the watches you’re putting in it, but the features referred to above should come over all else. Lucky for you, there are plenty of good quality options in the market, as well as very good looking ones encased in all sorts of materials, colors and finishes that you’re sure to enjoy to look at.

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