Top 5 Rules of Watch Collecting

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There are a million different reasons to want a certain watch and for that reason we cannot offer advice on which specific references you should be after. However, there are a few suggestions that we can make to ensure that you have a more positive experience and create a perfect collection for you. If you have a desire to grow a collection of timepieces you’ll want to at least read the tips below and consider them before your next purchase.

#1 Buy what you love

Ultimately, these are the watches that you will see everyday and so picking pieces that bring you the most joy should be paramount. This advice is actually often harder to follow than it seems. Oftentimes, we are too easily influenced by what others might think or the hype that a certain model might have, and then all of a sudden you’re thinking of making a large purchase for something that does not fit your personal style or tastes. Your choice of timepiece based on someone else’s opinion might end up taking space and collecting dust. Make sure to buy watches that fit comfortably, fit your style, are inline with your personality, and you find beautiful to look at! This is a sure way to develop a personal connection to any piece worth owning.

#2 Do your own research

Expose yourself to a variety of watches, brands and stories from other collectors. Today, we have access to a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, so spend some time reading books and blogs, watching youtube videos, and listening to podcasts. At first, it can seem very overwhelming, but you will eventually find something that catches your eye. Make sure that you dive deeper and learn about the history of the brand, the specifics of a reference, the nuances of the movement, or the craftsmanship to truly gain an appreciation for the watch. Your watch collection should be personal and not based on others suggestions of what’s hot in the moment.

#3 Do not buy a watch as an investment

You’re going to hear this being brought up a ton. But if there’s one absolute piece of information that any novice collector should hear, it's that nobody can predict the behavior of a market and know with certainty a certain timepiece will only go up in value. Of course there are people that make a very good living buying and selling watches, but this should be considered the exception and not the rule. They’ve made it their business to build relationships and networks with authorized dealers, grey market dealers, and customers from all across the globe in order to make sure they win more than they lose. We can assure you that they took many losses on some good deals or “sure-things” in order to get where they are today. In their experience, they’ve learnt how to anticipate trends and market availability to give them the edge. So if your goal is not to become a watch dealer, buy what you love and wear it!

#4 Document the watches you collect

Collecting can quickly be an addiction and before you know it, you may have collected a dozen pieces over a decade. Taking note of the watches that come in and out of your collection is a fun way to look back on your history in the hobby. Oftentimes watches carry sentimental value. They may have been purchased to commemorate a significant life event or handed down from a family member. The story of that watch could include the date, the model, where it came from and any known history of the piece. This lets you pass on the story of the watch to the next owner, whether that be another relative or fellow collector. By documenting your collection, you can get a feel for how your tastes, buying habits and collection has evolved over time and is reflective of how you have grown and changed over the years.

#5 Never underestimate the thrill of the hunt

A big part of collecting is the excitement that comes with the search for that next perfect piece. Sometimes the most rewarding pieces are the ones that resulted from the time and energy that was put into acquiring them. Many collectors have to often make sacrifices in order to obtain that next watch. This sacrifice may be monetary or one of time. You may have to sell a watch or two in order to afford the next grail piece, put in some overtime, or sacrifice some other luxuries and being rewarded with that perfect watch will be worth the hunt every time as long as you follow the advice shares in tips #1 through #4.

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