Protect your watches while travelling

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Travelling with your beloved timepieces might cause some to worry. You may have spent years saving up for that perfect collection of watches or maybe you have been gifted a family heirloom that carries a special meaning for you. Either way, you are going to want to take great care for these pieces while travelling, but what should you do to ensure their safety? Depending on your route, destination, and vacation goals, how you keep them safe is something that should be thought about!

Investing in proper protection for your timepieces is something that should be considered before travelling. You are probably carrying multiple bags, or maybe your trip has more than one leg, and multiple stops. That means there is a high probability for some bumps and bangs along the way. Keeping your watch or watches stuffed in a sock or loose in a zipped luggage compartment is a risk that we do not recommend taking. To protect your pieces, you will want to have a dedicated watch roll, pouch, or box to hold them safely. Something that has a sturdy exterior with a soft interior and that will keep your watches snug is what we would recommend. It may take up a little extra space but will give you peace of mind so you can truly relax on your vacation.

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