How to hack the Rolex waiting list

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The following tips and tricks are things you can do to bump yourself up the waiting list for those hard to acquire Rolex watches. There is no fail proof method and you’ll likely find that a combination of methods will work best with one authorized dealer and not with another. If you’re not comfortable doing any of the things on this list, then your best bet might just be to go straight to the grey market dealer, pay the premium, and avoid the wait!

1. Dress the part

Obviously, you should never judge a book by its cover, and you cannot always gauge a person's net worth by what they look like. But, first impressions are very important and so while we are not saying to show up in a full suit and tie, it would probably be wise to avoid dirty or torn clothing.

2. Be nice

This may sound a little obvious to some, but we know how frustrating the Rolex waiting lists can be and how it could be easy to get upset when you’re told that every watch you’re looking for is unavailable. So the easiest thing to do is be nice, and understanding with your sales associate. After all, it is not them who dictate how many watches are produced, but if they have a feeling that you are nicer than someone else with a similar purchase history or is just as interested in a certain piece, it can help to be nicer!

3. Build a relationship

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This should be complementary to the tip mentioned above. Do your best to build a relationship with your sales rep. When you visit the authorized dealer, you should always speak with the same person. As you get to know them, steer the conversation towards other subjects outside of watches and learn more about who they are, what they are passionate about and what you may have in common. Building a friendship is difficult and takes time but a good relationship will help you get the watches you’re after.

4. Know the product

If you know the product you’re after, you will stand out and someone who genuinely cares about watches, horology, and collecting for themselves. The best way to do this is to visit Rolex’s website and learn about the technical specifications of the watches, a little bit about the history and general industry knowledge. 

5. Wear a luxury watch when visiting an authorized dealer

Evidently, this tip is only for those who already own a luxury timepiece. Wearing a nice piece when going in to visit your authorized dealer will give extra talking points, whether it's pointing out what you already like, or hinting that you are looking to fill another spot in your collection with something specific. It also gives the authorized confidence that you won’t be flipping the watch for a profit.

6. Let them know you’re serious

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Be sure that they know you’re ready to swipe your card as soon as you get the call. If you are not serious and keep saying no to watches they offer you, you are sure to stop getting those calls for any future pieces you might be interested in. Another good idea is to let the dealer know of any significant milestones or dates that you want to have the watch for. This can be a wedding, birthday, birth of a child etc. This shows them that you are serious and are on a bit of a timeline which, if it is out far enough, let’s them know you are willing to wait for the right piece.

7. Don’t keep changing your mind

The piece or pieces you’re waiting for are likely very sought after already, so once you decide on the watch you want, stick to it. It's important that you are making the decision to purchase the watch before you even visit the authorized dealer. Be specific about the model reference you want, and don’t ask for everything. This will also add confidence to the dealer that you’re not just after all the hyped up pieces to turn a profit.

8. Visit regularly

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Showing up to your authorized dealer as regular as possible lets the authorized dealer know who you are and how serious you are. Your goal should be to be kept at top of mind when they finally receive the timepiece you’re after. If you’re looking for a concrete number, then at a minimum you should visit twice a month. With this strategy, you’re avoiding becoming that person who shows up once and asks for a limited watch and is never heard from again. That person makes their way to the bottom of the list.

9. Have a purchase history

Having a purchase history with your authorized dealer can help immensely. This can be done by buying other products that they sell. You can buy other watches from less sought after brands they carry, or even Rolexes that generally sit in the cases. But the best thing to do is purchase jewelry. Jewelry with gold and diamonds often have high margins for jewelry stores and are looked at very positively by sales associates. 

10. Use social media 

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If you’re trying to build a relationship with an authorized dealer and have been getting great services, let your followers know. If you don’t have a big following, its very easy to make a difference by leaving a Google review or some positive comments on their Facebook page. Helping small businesses or specific associates will go a long way in building that sought after relationship.

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