Gifts for the watch enthusiast in your life

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This guide is for the person in your life who looks like they might have it all, except their next grail watch, which is likely out of the budget. So how might you contribute to furthering their passion for collecting timepieces? Here are some options that could make a perfect gift for them. 

Watch Roll

The rumors are true, watch collectors sometimes do take off their watches and unfortunately it's not socially acceptable to wear 3 watches on each arm! A lot of the time, watch lovers run out of space to store their watches because of the size of most big, bulky boxes that their watch comes in. So in order to save space and time from rummaging through them all, a watch roll makes a perfect gift. There are different options to fit different budgets, and can carry a number of watches at the same time. If your gift receiver loves to travel, head to the gym, or is always on the move, then they might benefit more from a watch roll so they can carry and safely store away their watches if they temporarily take them off. Even when they get home, watch rolls can be used to compactly store watches in a drawer or safe as well. Quality watch rolls protect your stored watches from bumps and scratches that can occur when travelling. Having a sturdy construction and wrapped in fine genuine leather, the soft suede pillows keep the watches from sliding around and bumping into each other within the watch roll. They can come in multiple sizes and colors that are sure to suit everyone.

Watch Straps

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Watch straps are an awesome gift for any timepiece collector. They can come in all sorts of fun colors, patterns, materials, and there are straps at every pricepoint. To pick the perfect watch strap, all you’ll need to know is the lug width of their favorite watch model, then match some straps to their personality or style and you have found the perfect gift! Watch collectors love straps because they can either dress up or dress down an existing watch or make a watch more comfortable or useful in certain conditions. Having multiple straps can easily turn a 3 watch collection into a 15 watch collection with a limited investment in a couple straps.

Tool kit

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Buying a good watch tool kit for the watch hobbyist in your life is a great options, or even a gret add-on gift if you’ve picked out a few straps for them. Good quality tools will allow them to do some light upkeep and work on their own watches, and make changing the strap incredibly easy. Some tool kits include a jewellery loop, which is used to magnify the small details of a watch and gives them a whole new perspective on their beloved timepieces.

Watch Winder

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For those who may have a higher budget, a great gift for a collector, is a watch winder. Many watch winders have additional spots for other watches and jewellery. A watch winder should really only be considered if the person you’re shopping for has a number of automatic timepieces. This makes a great gift for collectors because the winder will rotate the watches, replicating the movement of their wrist, so that they will remain wound and keep time while not on the wrist.

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