Quality Leather Accessories for Watch Collectors

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black watch roll with rolex submariner and omega speedmaster sitting on top of rolex catalog

A lot of watch collectors and enthusiasts consider watch making to be an incredible feat of craftsmanship with attention to detail and a long history of creating unique pieces. In this, quality leather goods are often synonymous with luxury timepieces. Leather workers, like watchmakers, take pride in their work and are considered a true art form. Thankfully, these two worlds often come together to share their passions, ingenuity, and quality of work through various products that can be used together. 

Leather straps

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Leather watch straps are likely to be the first thing someone thinks of when asked about the relationship between timepieces and leather goods. Leather straps are often used to dress classier watches that might be paired with a nice suit. There are numerous benefits of leather wearing a leather strap on your watch. Leather straps are quite durable, and good quality leather bands can actually age better with time similar to wine. There are also a wide variety of leathers and skins used to provide a wide range of textures that add to the look and feel to your watch as a whole. Leathers and skins often used can include those of lamb or calf, and alligator or other reptiles. On top of this variety, leatherworkers introduce all kinds of colors and patterns to increase the uniqueness of their leather strap offering. Of course, you can easily swap out a collection of leather straps to give your watches a different look and are generally inexpensive to their stainless steel or precious metal counterparts.

Leather watch rolls

black leather watch roll with rolex submariner and omega speedmaster

Leather watch rolls share many of the same benefits as leather straps. They can come in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes. Investing in a quality watch roll will ensure that your collection is kept safe while you're on the go, at home, or packed in a suitcase. They can be considered an extension of the collection you’ve built over time, and are an external representation of your style, taste and personality, just like your timepieces. Similarly to leather watches straps, watch rolls are often hand crafted by skilled leather makers and are built to last.

Leather watch box

high end luxury goyard leather watch box

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An elegant and efficient way to store and at the same time, display your watches, is in a leather bound watch box. The benefits of a leather watch box are that they can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, no matter the number of watches you own or the budget you have. Since its not really accepted or wise to wear multiple timepieces, watch enthusiasts often enjoy using a watch box with a glass top as a way to enjoy the sight of their hard work and dedication to their hobby. The benefits of fine leather goods as mentioned previously, coupled with the positives of a leather watch box, make it a staple accessory for any serious watch enthusiast.

Leather trays

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A leather tray becomes a relatively inexpensive place to lay down more than just your watch, when you get home or lay down to sleep for the night. People often use leather trays to place their belongings that they generally carry throughout the day, including cash, keys, wallet, and jewellery. It ensures that everything is kept safely in one place and reduces the risk of you losing your precious belongings.

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