How to take daily care of your watches

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Taking care of your watches will ensure that they will stay in good shape, working order for decades, and help maintain value, be it monetary or emotional.

Watches are often made from premium materials, and sometimes precious metals, that can certainly lose their brilliance and luster over the years if not well taken care of. Following these easy tips will ensure that your timepieces maintain their condition.

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Our first recommendation is to regularly, depending on wear, clean your watch with warm soapy water using a micro-fiber cloth and a baby toothbrush. We suggest dish soap, as it does a great job at removing oils and fingerprints. Using a microfiber cloth is recommended because it is extremely gentle on the watch case and bracelet. Our next proposal, using a baby toothbrush is not as odd as it may sound! The bristles on a baby’s toothbrush are very soft but excellent for getting in some of the hard-to-reach spots like under the dial or between the bracelet links.

The next suggestion is to make certain that your watches are stored in a clean and dry place. The original box you get from the dealer is a perfect place to keep your watch when not stored. However, if you have more than one watch this can start to take up a lot of space on the dresser very quickly. That is when you will need to begin looking at alternatives to store your watches. There are a ton of options out there whether you want to store them away securely in a safe, in a protective watch roll, or even displayed in a winder. The choice depends on your lifestyle, number of pieces, and the value of your collection.

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