How To Appreciate A Luxury Watch

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Appreciating luxury timepieces is difficult without any education and experience. There is an incredible amount of information out there and many may find themselves lost in trying to understand what gives high-end watches their value. 

One of the first components of a watch that often attributes the majority of the value is considered the movement and the style. Both the movement and the style allows the watch to be worn for generations, should have limited production and a very high quality of hand-finished components. On top of this, when evaluating a luxury piece, it should function at the highest level and as a result, be very accurate. Typically, watches that hold the most value are from brands that have a long standing history of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Other intangibles like customer service and their commitment to supporting any service requests are often considered to add value as well.

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Although there is no guarantee on watches maintaining their value, more often than not, the watches that do tend to appreciate or hold their value are watches that are limited in production, have more complications, have unique designs, or Swiss made, among others. 

The best way to learn about luxury watches is to educate themselves by simple visits to the various watch brands website. There is plenty of knowledge on the internet to take in and learn, but should be followed up by trips to the boutique or an authorized dealer that carry these timepieces. Getting hands on experience by trying on the watches from brands you are interested in and speaking to the sales associates can be invaluable to truly appreciating the attention to detail of these fine timekeeping instruments.

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