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Learn about our Watch Rolls

assortment of watch rolls for protecting timepieces

There’s no hiding from the fact that there are tons options for protecting your watches on the market, but there was an opportunity for us to develop a watch roll that would be able to match or beat the quality other watch cases out there, make improvements to design, and offer them to our customers at a much lower cost.

VALLAE GOODS watch rolls are made from genuine leather in beautiful rich colors that are neither cheap nor too flashy, inspired by the colors, curves and lines found within the automotive industry and nature. The leather we chose is strong, durable, soft to the touch, and enough to trust with our own watches. Your watch roll can be used daily while out and about, travelling, or just storing them in a safe or drawer at home. We also use an ultra soft cream color suede that is luxurious and gentle on your timepieces. 

tudor watches in watch roll

The interior structure is solid, and the dividers keep your watches from knocking into each other. So, even under some pretty rough circumstances, they will be secured safely inside, keeping them free from dings or scratches that might come from traveling with watches. Swapping the watch on your wrist with one in the roll is made incredibly easy and convenient by perfectly placed snap closures that allow you to quickly click each watch in and out. 

All of these components are carefully and meticulously assembled by incredibly skilled leatherworkers. Their experience with leather using traditional methods really shines through from the moment it leaves their hands through years of giving your watches a safe place to lay. 

We know how incredibly precious and sentimental your watch collection could be. That’s why we are confident in our watch rolls and will always stand behind our product through our warranty offered on all products.

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